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Forex School

It´s all about Education, Education and Education. Especially in the world of forex and the currency markets.

In this section, we are going to explain the inner workings of the forex market and share some of the insider secrets that we believe will help make you a successful forex trader. We also have a section on forex candlesticks and forex indicators, for those of you who are looking to build your technical knowledge.

If you are completely new to forex, start at the beginning! And if you are a seasoned pro, we are pretty confident that you´ll find a few “nuggets” (oh I hate using that term) in this section that will help up your game.

The sections are coded as follows:

Level One (Forex Beginner)

Level Two (Forex Intermediate)

Level Three (Forex Pro)

You can either browse through sequentially, or jump about (as most people seem to do online) using the menu links to your right. Happy studying!