The growth of online forex over recent years has opened up the huge liquidity in global forex markets to individual investors. 5 years, or even 3 years ago, forex markets were dominated by traders working for big financial institutions. It is now individual traders, working from home, that are driving growth.

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And the game is changing once again. With the growth of smartphones, fuelled by the spectacular success of the iPhone, traders now have an unparalleled choice of tools available to them in their pockets. In this section, we review some of the very best forex apps that are available for the iphone (and its cousin: the iPod Touch, which is basically an iphone without the phone). If you own an iphone or an ipod touch, and you trade currencies online, you´ll be spoilt for choice.

1. Easy Forex
Top of our list for iPhone forex apps, if you are looking to trade currencies online on your mobile, is Easy Forex. The app is beautifully designed, and this broker has understood a key fundamental point: you don´t necessarily need (or want) all of the same functionality as you would find on your desktop. What you need is a fast way of staying on top of your deals, keeping on top of the news and managing your positions if you need to.

On the Easy Forex app, you´re able to:

  • Check Currency Rates
  • Access Real-time charts
  • Consult the Inside Viewer™ to see what other traders are doing
  • Keep up to date with a Financial Calendar
  •  Manage your positions
  • Check your Account Statement’s free balance, total margin and profit/loss.
  • Close deals and cancel limit orders.

And all in a beautifully designed interface. Outstanding!