As something of gadget fanatics ourselves, we take a great interest in the world of mobile forex. Who´s have thought 2 years ago that you would have so much computing power at your fingertips? We seem to be rapidly warping to devices that would be worthy of Star Trek, and the world of online forex trading is one of those areas that is at the forefront of the development.

Whether you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, an Android phone, a Blackberry, a Windows Mobile, or an Ipad forex trader, we´ll be reviewing brokers in this section that offer tools and trading platforms that allow you to trade currencies, commodoties and CFDs on the go.

iPhone Forex
Best Forex Brokers For iPhone / iPod Touch

Best Currency Trading Platform For iPad

Android Forex
Best Forex Brokers For Android Phones
Etoro have just launched an Android Forex app in Android market.

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