Weekly Market Review

Weekly review..USD bulls get a proper squeeze on risk off move.

Take your pick on events this week that prompted a proper correction for the USD and saw risk averse moves in most markets. China , Greece, US data they all… more

Weekly Review..USD surges despite Feds mixed tone

. Its strange how markets take what they want from events when on another occasion they could do the opposite. That was the case with Fed minutes which lifted the… more

Weekly review.. Forex volatility set to continue as liquidity drains

Weekly gains and losses may have been reasonably subdued but last weeks price action once again highlighted how even in  EUR/USD volatility has become enhanced in both directions as liquidity… more

Weekly review..Strong USD and EUR meltdown continue

  EUR..There was precious little respite for the EUR last week with another crash against a strong USD sending EUR/USD to a close of 1.0496, 3.2% down on the week…. more

Weekly review..US Employment data sends USD soaring.

How wrong could I be about some poor US Employment numbers. Far from it what we got was a 295/- rise in Non Farm Payroll ( 240/- exp.) and unemployment… more

Weekly Review.. No Greek bonus for sad Euro

You couldn’t really call it a USD rally week as only the EUR ( 1.6% ) JPY ( 0.5% and AUD ( 0.4% ) lost ground on the USD. GBP… more

Weekly Review ( Monday).. So…. Deal or No Deal ?

For a brief period on Friday markets got excited about the 11th hour deal that supposedly saw Greece retreat from the possibility of a Grexit. In fact its going to… more

Weekly review..Risk appetite strong despite, well everything

Record highs in US indices and Germany surely tells us that QE is winning over geopolitics. A shaky ceasefire in Ukraine and the lack of any failure, rather than progress,… more

Weekly Review.. Hot Dogs win over Feta Cheese and Danish pastries

So US data in the form of Non Farm Payroll ( NFP) wins the market news event over Greek woes and that Danish peg. Once again we might have been… more

Weekly review..Commodity currencies fall again while Greece dominates geopolitics

It was economics over geopolitics last week as big falls in CAD ( -2.5% ), KIWI ( – 2.5% ) and AUD ( – 1/9% ) were the feature of forex markets…. more

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