Tweezer Tops and Bottoms

Tweezer Tops
tweezer tops

Tweezer Tops and Bottoms will generally make an appearance (but not always) after a steady, extended trend up or down. They signal a market reversal. They are called tweezers because…they look like tweezers!

As with all candlestick formations, some are perfectly formed, and others are a bit messy. A perfectly formed tweezer would show the following:

The lead candle is the same colour as the trend- in the Tweezer Top, it would be green (or white) and in the Tweezer Bottom it would be red (or black).

The second candlestick is the opposite colour- this is the beginning of a reversal (you hope if you have spotted it and are about to make a play).

The shadows or tails of the candles should be the same size for Perfect tweezers. Tweezer Tops would reach the same upper price level, and Tweezer bottoms would have the same low points.

Tweezer Bottoms
tweezer bottoms