The 3 Black Crows is a candlestick pattern that doesn´t happen that frequently, but if you see one, sit up and pay attention. It´s a bearish formation that usually best spotted on a 24 hour chart when you are trying to figure out how the market is moving from day to day.

3 black crows

These days, you´re more likely to see 3 red crows of course, as most charts are in colour.

The pattern is meant to signify an ominous sign: three crows sitting in a tall tree. It is a reversal formation that follows a strong advance.

The first black crow is strongest if the first candlestick — closes below the green candle’s real body (in the example above it doesn´t quite).

If you then see 2 more longred candles, over the next 2 days, you have 3 Black Crows.

Note that the lower shadows on three black crows are small, or even nonexistent.