Candlesticks that have long bodies with no shadows at either end are called Marabozu. Green ones signify a bullish trend and red ones point to a market full of bears. Generally you see them at the beginning of a trend (either up or down). They can also signify a trend reversal.

Marubozu is the Japanese for means "closely-shaved, shaven head or shaven bottom" (as you can imagine the last translation is the most popular in The City.) They are long candles (a big trading range) that is missing at least one shadow (or both). Some traders call the Marubozu with no shadows at all a Kojak Marubozu and a Marubozu with one small shadow a Hollywood Marubozu (don´t ask).

Kojak Marubozus are quite rare. If you do see one, take note and trade accordingly (with the trend).