Euro Bounce, Pound Wary

The euro has bounced to a two-month high of $1.1371, leaving the 12-year low from March of $1.0457  in it’s rear view mirror. Will the momentum continue? Well, it’s certainly… more

EUR/USD Below 1.12

We’re watching EUR/USD closely today as it sticks  below 1.1200. Anything below this, and we reckon the pressure is down. The pair headed 20 pips or so over today, but… more

The Best Forex iPad App 2014

After a slow start in the Apple iPad (plus the iPad 2 and now the iPad 3 and the iPad Mini) App Store for forex traders, things seem to be… more

Best Forex Broker For Trading Currencies on iPhone or iPod Touch

Many people have an iPhone or an iPod touch these days, and there are are plenty of forex and currency apps available. The iPhone 5 is the new kid on… more

Forex Dog, Forex Dog, Which Currency do you Favour?

 We asked Forex Dog to predict the markets next week for us. Frankly, it seemed as good a system as any other at the moment. Without so much as a… more

The Grand Old Duke of York…and When They Were Up They Were Up, and When They Were Down They Were Down.

 Volatile. I think that’s how we could describe the forex markets at the moment. EURUSD in particular is going up and down like the proverbial’s knickers. And when the markets… more

Many Mountains We Have in Norway (& Some Oil)

 Well, you’ve invested as much as your comfortable with in gold, you’ve had your fingers burnt by the Swiss National Bank, and you are still wondering where to hide your… more

Dukascopy Launch iPad and iPhone app for Trading Forex Online

We’ve been a great fan of the Dukascopy forex apps for iPads and iPhones, but up until now you have not been able to use them to actually trade. Now… more

eToro Launches Android Forex App. What´s the Best Broker for Trading on Android?

Online forex broker eToro announced last year that they would be launching a suite of new tools for traders wanting to deal on their mobile devices and tablets. And here… more

Well, That’s a Wrap. EUR/USD Floating Up at The End of Play

 EUR/USD climbed late in Fridays’s session as it nudged through the 1.3600 level and extended to 1.3626.  European sovereign debt fears seem to be on the wane….EUR/JPY and EUR/CHF are… more

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