Welcome to the world of Online Forex! I know it’s pretty obvious from our name what we do, but just to clarify: we are an independently run site offering  news, tips, views and forex broker reviews.

Who are we?

Our daily updates on the forex markets are written by Larry Arber.

Larry is an active FX trader with over 20 years experience at a UK investment Bank where he was a Director and also a member of the Securities Association. Larry maintains he has seen it all before and will see much of it again. He continues to trade the markets, managing a personal portfolio.

He believes his experience is invaluable in knowing what makes a good or bad trader and how to help those just beginning in the business.

Larry believes hard work is essential with a balanced view considering both fundamentals and technicals.The unmatched liquidity of the Forex markets means there is always an exit or entrance for positions in major currencies unlike any other asset class. You cannot possibly get it right all the time so being disciplined is essential. Don’t let the short term view become a long term head ache and remember a good trader knows when to take his or her losses. Anyone can take profit. Larry has detailed some of his philosophy in the tips for trading section.

Our school, broker reviews and tools are pulled together by Gideon Fielding, who also manages the site. Gideon has over 15 years sales and marketing experience in blue chip companies like Mobile, Heinz and British Airways and has been running online businesses for 10 years

We´ll be steadily building the content up on the site to share a mixture of news, trading platform reviews, views, tips and stories, so please keep checking back. Thanks once again for visiting us.

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