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Forex News

Thursday update… EUR/USD patience or bigger bounce ?

Did we see the USD highs for a while or is it still patience that’s required to stick with EUR/USD shorts or USD/JPY longs especially ?  Well there’s probably a… more

Weekly Update Monday..Draghi sends stocks higher Euro lower while French cabinet disbanded.

Quite a lively time since markets closed on Friday .ECB President Draghi finally admitted that inflation expectations are falling not indeed anchored in the medium and longer term as he… more

Thursday/Friday update.. USD slips but still on track for more highs

The USD has seen some profit taking but as with recent form it could be close to levels that warrant topping up with longs. EUR/USD down at 1.3240 yesterday is… more

Wednesday update..Risk appetite up, USD on the march

Well not exactly a march but steady progress for the greenback helped by housing data. EUR/USD was down close to 1.33 but once again the pound led the way as… more

Weekly review…Watch out there could be a market rout about.

Risk appetite is finally taking note of geopolitics  and partly economic issues  which are bubbling up. Ukraine is the obvious one with Friday’s Russian incursion clearly indicating this conflict has… more

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Forex Broker Reviews

We also feature forex broker reviews to help you compare different providers so that you can choose one that most matches your needs. All our featured brokers that offer trading in currencies, CFD’s and binary options are listed at the bottom of the website. We recommend etoro or Easy Forex for new to intermediate traders. More experienced people should have a look at , XM, Alpari or FXCM.

Plus, we feature daily and weekly updates on the important currency news that affect the markets, compiled by our resident online forex expert, Larry: a former City FX trader with over 20 years experience in forex trading at a UK investment Bank where he was a Director and also a member of the Securities Association. Scroll down for Larry’s latest posts.

We cover online forex, CFD’s and binary options trading, and have compiled a suite of tools to help you make the right decisions about where and how to trade in this huge, dynamic marketplace. Online FX trading can seem complicated at first, but if you steadily build your knowledge and trade sensibly, you can develop your trading skills and become a successful investor.

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